Why on Earth are You Blogging???

Hello World!

I’m Zeftaria and I’m here to answer some questions about why I have decided to blog.

I’m a gothic Mom that loves to game and craft. Even though I’m gothic… I will go nuts over anything overly cute or “Kawaii”! I love little chubby pastel kittens, puppies, sheep, and other little plushies. I love anything that looks adorable and want to hug it. So my blog will reflect these things as well as just life in general and moving from the USA to Bucharest, Romania. I don’t have a specific topic or focus in mind for my blog.

So why make a public blog instead of writing in a journal?

I’ve decided to create a public blog for personal reasons. I live far away from family and friends and I feel too disconnected from them. I also will be moving completely out of the country soon, which will put me further out of touch. Having a public blog allows them to see how my daughter and I are doing, what we’re up to, and hopefully my effort will pay off by connecting us more. If others in the general public like to read my posts as well, that is nice. If not, I’m not out to win a popularity contest… Another reason for starting a public blog is because I’ve always wanted to have a blog of my own. It’s that simple. It looks like a fun challenge that I will enjoy. ^_^

Some of my friends, family, and even acquaintances wonder about my decision to move to Bucharest, Romania, and also about Cat’s and my relationship. I will use this blog to reassure the concerns of others. For example: a family member was very concerned about our safety and doubted it was a good idea for me to move there. She had every reason to be worried until I sat down and explained everything to her. Now she supports our decisions because she knows the reasoning behind them and the research we’ve put into making them.

I suppose that there is another way in which this blog will help me. I always struggled with English class in school. I like math, science, pretty much anything that has a right or wrong answer. I know that a lot in science can be debated, but it can be researched and factual data found. Writing is not so clearcut to me. I will sit and stare at what I’ve written and edit and edit and edit some more… And will never be happy with it. I’m well aware that I’m not good at it and that I struggle. I never want anyone to see my writing because I’m a perfectionist, and if it isn’t perfect then it’s not good enough. Writing is never perfect and I’m hoping that this blog will help me conquer a bit of my perfectionism. You may find 101 flaws within my posts, but that’s okay. I’m going to force myself to edit very minimally. I am open to criticism and love to learn, so if you kindly tell me errors I will learn from them and do appreciate it. Just don’t be a jerk about it, yeah? 😉

Why not Facebook?

I do keep in touch with some on Facebook, but some don’t use it or don’t use it regularly enough to be of any benefit. I’ve literally posted long posts aimed at individuals to explain to them all at once something… Only to have to repeat myself to each one because they’re never on Facebook.

Are you okay with other people besides family and friends reading about your personal life?

I wouldn’t mind connecting with like-minded people. Parents, goths, people that love kawaii things, anime lovers, fellow gamers. I would especially love to connect with some people in Bucharest, Romania since that will soon be my new home.

I have to ask myself what it even means to have a “personal life” anymore. Everyone posts everything online nowadays it seems. That being said… I will never post anything that I don’t want the general public to see. I have learned the hard way in my younger days, and even recent mistakes… That the internet can be a very dangerous place and one must always be mindful of what they put on it.

Yes, I will be writing about personal things, but nothing that I wouldn’t tell you if we met in person.

Are you aiming to become a successful blogger? Do you even have any blogging goals?

I’m not worried about being a successful blogger, but I do have some goals.

I would love to reconnect with some that I’ve become distant from, to be able to freely write without my perfectionism kicking in and trying to over-edit everything, and to make connections in Bucharest, Romania and all around the world for that matter!

I think that pretty much sums it up. I hope you enjoyed reading! Feel free to comment and ask me anything!

Sweetest of Nightmares to You,


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