Negative People & Crazy Dreams

This morning as I was drinking my coffee and thinking about what to write… I thought about the people who always dragged me down. I thought about all the people that said I would never amount to anything.


I think we all have or had these people in our lives. If you are like me, they made up the majority of people you knew/know. Never let them get you down. Never ever give up on your dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem to other people. Always believe in yourself and surround yourself with people that believe in you.

A lot of people would tell you to ignore them, but I won’t…

I won’t tell you to ignore them because it is good to learn from them. Though it may be negative, think about how you can use that in your advantage. Were they really rude when they said it, but you know deep down that what they said is true? Don’t take it to heart, ignore the rudeness… But if it is true, think of ways to improve. Always listen to criticism whether given kindly or rudely. If it is something you can learn from and improve, use it. If not, then ignore it. And always remember that you are not obligated to reply or even acknowledge people. They don’t have to know you even cared about what they said. You take it for you to learn from, no matter who said it.

While drinking my coffee I just wrote this down. It is aimed at all the people that brought me down.

You told me to fly,

You told me to soar,

Yet you broke my wings,

And slammed the door.

You can be anything!

But don’t be that.

You can do anything!

You can’t do that.

You can be successful in what you love!

You’ll never be successful in that career.

Set your goals high!

You’ll never make it.

Then they all wonder why…

Why didn’t you go through with your plans?

They ask…

You could have done so much more with your life!

They say…

Why didn’t you live your dream?

They ask…

Why didn’t you achieve your goals?

They ask…

I tell them no one believed in me,

They tell me they did…

I tell them I never had support,

They tell me they did…

When did you believe in me?

Please tell me.

When did you support me?

I would like to know.

Everything I did,

Was never good enough for you.

Every time I tried,

You discouraged me and shot me down.

Every time I had a plan,

You told me it would never work.

Every time I had a dream,

You told me to get my head out of the clouds.

Tell me please,

Of your support,

Tell me how shooting me down,

Was supposed to lift me up?

You killed everything in me before I could even try.

Bit by bit everything in me slowly died.

I gave up on life,

Living didn’t seem worth it.

I gave up on dreams,

Gave up on success,

It wasn’t before long,

I also gave up on life.

Please tell me again,

How much you believed,

That I could be more,

Than what I’ve become.

But through this all,

I’ve finally learned,

Your opinions aren’t worth anything at all,

I regret ever listening to anything you said.

The door you slammed into my face,

Will become your own obstacle,

The walls you built up to tear me down,

Are now just shadows of your failed attempts.

You cannot drag me down again,

You no longer are my burden,

I spread out the wings you broke,

And bid you farewell.

Now I spread my wings to fly again,

Now away from you I soar.

Just a figment of my past you’ve become,

Forever trapped behind your tiny little door.

Please tell me again,

How much I will fail.

Because I break the impossible,

And I achieve the unthinkable.


3 thoughts on “Negative People & Crazy Dreams

  1. Yes, no one can drag us down without seeking our consent. They, some how, try to make you buy the idea which is the weapon that acts against you. In that case, we must stand against such negative thoughts and go for what we want with all we have. There’s is strength in our willpower.

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