An Aspie Pushing Her Limits

Sometimes I might not post much at all and I hope you don’t mind. I’m an Aspie (Asperger’s Syndrome a.k.a. high-functioning autistic). Sometimes I get overwhelmed and can’t handle too much. This is why my blog has been left untouched for awhile.

I’m trying to push myself with this blog, though. I want to push myself out of my comfort zone, push myself to write more… Push myself to do more of what I like to do. I want to stop letting my issues rule over me. I want to overcome my shortcomings. This time I refuse to give up.

Little things that you may have no problem with, seem like huge tasks to me sometimes. Sometimes just getting out of bed to face the day is a struggle all on it’s own.

This is something I had not intended to share on this blog. It is something I had every intention of hiding… Pretending to be “normal”. But I shouldn’t hide it. I need to embrace myself, every bit of me, and love myself as a whole.


Hello, I am an Aspie, I struggle, but I love myself and will continue to keep pushing forward. I will not let myself get in my way anymore.

Never Stop Dreaming,

3 thoughts on “An Aspie Pushing Her Limits

  1. That’s the spirit! Profess positively and stay strong even in the face of challenges. Never give up on yourself! Keep pushing and keep writing. Never be your own enemy by putting limitations on your own path. Peace and Love to you, Dear Zeftaria. 🙂

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