Vile Tagging of Other’s Posts

Why are people so cruel?

“Clueless, idiot, stupid, waste…”

Today I seen something sad… A blogger re-blogging someone else’s post with these tags: “clueless, idiot, stupid, waste…” (I have omitted a tag that was unique to his blog post… I do not want people to hate on him for his mistake.)

Not only is this an immature and mean thing to do, it was also said with totally wrong assumptions. Had he gone back just one blog post on the original poster’s blog, he would have seen that she was not going on a “feel good vacation” of any sort (which was mentioned in unique tag that I removed) and that she was in a program to help children through her University.

He said absolutely nothing about her blog, just linked to it in a post with the awful tags I copied and pasted above… He was so quick to judge her and what she was doing based solely on her one blog post and what little she wrote about her experience in it. It literally took me less than one minute to realize what he said was totally false.

It just saddens me that someone that doesn’t know her, her situation, her university, or the children she gets to interact with, would take her one blog post and be so cruel.

She gets a wonderful opportunity to learn, have an amazing experience, and it also helps children in need! Why would someone want to put such vile tags on that? I don’t see the logic in it.

I just don’t see the logic…

It also saddens me that people do not seem to ever mature out of bullying others. If you do not agree with something, leave a comment saying so in a mature and polite manner… Want to know more? Comment and ask politely. If it makes you angry… Leave it alone. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but no one should take their opinions, whether right or wrong, and drag someone else through the dirt just because they do not agree with them.

I would like to note that he made no comment on her blog asking if his assumptions were correct or not. I, however, did comment on his post asking why the nasty tags in a mature and polite manner… To which he did reply and is how I know his tags were made in total ignorance. I also commented back and told him of how his assumptions were easily found as false… Again in a mature manner… I can only hope he removes the nasty tags.

I am very new to this WordPress world and blogging, and I’m already getting a glimpse of the evil side of it.

Please don’t make such quick judgments about people you don’t know and/or situations you do not fully understand. Comment directly on the post if you want to say something about it, but don’t re-blog their posts or post a link to their post and drag their names through dirt just because you have differing views or whatever. 

If you feel you MUST blog about the issue, please do so as I am… I keep everyone involved totally anonymous… I even checked tags and removed the one that made his post pop up front and center because it was unique to his post. I am posting about this to show why we need to stop judging so quickly and why we need to stop the vile tags when re-blogging someone else’s post. We are so quick to assume, not taking the time to think our assumptions might be wrong. We act too quickly to things that irritate us.

Let’s change this and build each other up, before we destroy ourselves completely.

4 thoughts on “Vile Tagging of Other’s Posts

  1. That’s just sad. Most of us wanted to write blogs to share their thoughts and how they see things to inspire others. We shouldn’t be constricted to what others perceive as the norm. After all, it is our OWN BLOG, right? Well, I hope that blogger would learn somehow.

    On a lighter note, I nominated you for this challenge 🙂 This a great avenue to share some quotes that would help others see that we just have to respect other’s perception in things and how they would want to share it.

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