Save Yourself


(I copied and pasted below what I posted in my Facebook group. It just flowed out of me and after I posted it I wanted to share it here as well.)

I came to a realization today because of my own struggles… In the end you gotta be your own hero, you gotta save yourself. I know all too well that in states of anxiety and depression the kind words of others help… But they don’t at the same time. You know what they say is because they care and they want to help you… But if you’re not ready to accept that help, if you’re not ready to be saved… They can’t help you at all. I just tore this wall down this morning! I was stuck in a place because I didn’t want out of my fortress I created because of fear. Depression and anxiety are not only my demons… They became my comforting friends. I know them best and not having them scares me because it hurtles me into the unknown. Will I still struggle with anxiety and depression? Of course… But this time things are different… This time I’m 100% okay with letting them go and seeking help to get past them and overcoming them to face that dark unknown world without them. This time I have no fear of letting go of their hands and walking my own path. This gives me incredible power over them, and hope that next time they come out to play, I can walk away less affected by them than before.

This is the best way I can describe it… It’s like a mental block, an impossible one that was so big I didn’t even see it there. It was like a room in my head that had no doors, with clear walls. I could see outside therefore I thought I was outside. I didn’t realize I was in a clear little box. This morning I found a wall and I busted a hole in that wall and stepped out… I don’t know if what I’m saying makes any sense to all of you… But it’s the best way I can describe it.

Take a walk within yourself and see if you, too, are stuck in a clear little box in your mind. Break through it and free yourself. But you have to want it 100% and overcome your fear of what you might find outside of it.. Otherwise you will stay a prisoner.
I don’t know if this will help anyone… But I hope it does. I don’t share this shit for me… I share it in hopes that it will help YOU somehow.

(I will be writing another post later this evening. But I wanted to get the above out now.)


NOTE: If you are interested in the Facebook group, just let me know in the comments below or contacting me via other means (does wordpress have it’s own mail feature? I’m still new…) It is a group in its infancy… A safe place to build self-confidence, work towards goals, and live healthier lives. I’m NOT selling any sort of product, nor am I promoting any products… As so many FB groups are now… I just wanted to make a safe haven for those that also struggle, or those that aren’t and want to help those that are.

3 thoughts on “Save Yourself

  1. Congratulations on breaking through that wall! Your metaphor was well explained. I’m totally interested in a Facebook support group, I think that’s an awesome effort towards building a community to help each other.

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