Don’t Mix Your Meds…


Again I have neglected my blog for too long.

I have been on a roller coaster until just recently. Right after I was put back onto Celexa for my depression and anxiety, then I got physically ill.

It started with a just a slight cough. I didn’t know what medications I could take that wouldn’t interfere with the Celexa, so I asked a pharmacist. Because who knows better about drug interactions, right? Well.. After specifying that I’m on Celexa, she told me to take Mucinex DM. BAD BAD BAD idea!!! I cannot emphasize that enough!!! I almost wound up in a coma!

NEVER mix anything with “DM” or “-D” at the end of the name with Celexa unless instructed to by your physician and still push them to look up to make sure it will not interact with your medications!

I’m not a medical professional, but you can find more information here on the interaction warning between Mucinex DM and Celexa. The doctor that I seen the next day at the walk-in clinic said that the “D” that follows the medications’ names stands for “dextromethorphan” and also warned to steer clear of those medications. So it’s not just from that website that I got my information.

The next morning I went to a walk-in clinic in the city and wound up getting a chest X-Ray. Bronchitis and walking pneumonia. So then I was put on antibiotics and told what over the counter meds I can take with Celexa…

A month later I’m still getting over this illness. I went back in for a follow up yesterday and they took another chest x-ray. The pneumonia is cleared up, but I’ll still be dealing with inflammation and coughing for the next two weeks at the least. I’m just happy that I’m on the mend.

So I wanted to just get this out there, so hopefully it will save someone the pain of going through a bad drug interaction like I did. I was lucky… Someone else might not be so lucky. Even though drugs help us, we need to be aware that they are just as capable as killing us as well if not used properly and with caution.



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