Goth Mom Gamer… What?

I’ve noticed that I haven’t really written about anything that my blog is titled with…

Rather it has been full of my struggle with anxiety and illness. I would, however, like to write about something fun every now and again too. Especially now that my anxiety is under control, and my lungs are on the road to recovery.


Some might argue that I’m not “goth”, and that is fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The reason is because I don’t dress or wear loads of goth make-up all the time. This is due to budget restraints in the clothing department, and the fact that I haven’t mastered how to keep make-up on my face in the hot summer months. Yes, I admit it, I’m not as make-up savvy as some may think. I’ve tried primers, blotting, etc… But it just melts in this Midwest high humidity heat. Also I sweat a lot, which doesn’t help matters at all. lol But I like all that is dark and creepy. I don’t like gory, but I love things that the average person would term “creepy”. Anything Halloween, anything dark, any thing with spiders and skulls on it. That’s just what I like!

On the other hand… I also love anything overly adorable and pastel as well. I’m just weird like that.

If anyone has any make-up tips or places where I can find cute plus-sized clothing at a cheap price, please share!


Parenting… That is a whole blog post in and of itself. I’ll just share here that my beautiful little Betsey is 6 years old and loves anything pink. I foresee her being a preppy cheerleader type. Which I have no problem with. Often times people thing that those of us that live alternative lifestyles force our styles on our children. Some might, but most of us don’t. My daughter is free to grow up to be herself, not someone I choose her to be. She is not my dress up doll, nor is she a puppet that I live through… Yes… I have witnessed parents trying to live their own dreams through their children. It is something I strongly do not agree with. But anyway… that is a bit about my “Momminess!”


No. No. No… Please don’t…  I associate “gamer girl” as one of those little beasts that pretends to game and posts slutty booby pictures of herself all over social media just for male attention. You know the types… And if this pisses you off, then you’re probably one of them. Too bad, I speak my mind and am blunt honest. Deal with it.

I am a gamer. I enjoy gaming. I’m not great at it, but I love it. It is my escape from life and my problems. It is my stress reliever. Lots of people put down us gamers and tell us we need to “grow up.” My reply to that is, then no one should have a hobby of any sort.

Gaming is a hobby like any other. People build model cars, do puzzles, work on real cars, crochet, bake, etc… My hobby is gaming. Currently my game of choice is World of Warcraft. I prefer MMORPG”s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Which are games that you play on the PC with tons of other people, explore lands, do quests, events, raids, stuff with guild, etc… That is a whole other blog in and of itself. If you want to understand MMORPG’s better, then I suggest Googling it. 😛

Quick note on ArcheAge for those that remember me mentioning it in a post before… My fiance and I quit that game for many reasons. I might write about that eventually in another post… But the reason I haven’t done so is because so many others have quit that game for the same reasons we did and have written about it or made YouTube videos about it… So it gets kind of repetitive. Long story short: the labor system is too limiting, the game is more work than play, if you want to compete with veteran players who have put actual money in the game you have to either sell your soul to the game with time spent in it or pour tons of money into it… As a Mom I don’t have enough of either of those things… And it is largely pvp based, there is a minute amount of pve to be had. Other players will kill you and camp you and… and… I’m talking too much about this. Perhaps I will write a review on ArcheAge sometime in the near future.

Beep boop beep….

Well, that is a fast entry with a little bit about me in it… I wanted to write something besides about struggles. Too many struggles, actually. I want to lighten the mood a bit. I hope you’ve enjoyed my random ramblings! Feel free to ask me anything at all in the comment section below. Trust me, you cannot offend me. Just be ready for blunt honesty, if you’re not… I may accidentally offend you. Fair warning! 😉 😛


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