No Forehead, But Cleavage – The New Trend

As I sit here tonight waiting for my little girl to fall asleep… I see far too many young girls and grown women’s photos in my twitter feed, Instagram, and Facebook timelines featuring their breasts.

I sit here and wonder at the logic… A lot of these same women want respect and not to be sex objects… Yet they chop off the top of their heads in selfies just to make sure to get their cleavage in the shot, and making sure none of their hair is covering their breasts. Some even go so far as to lean over into the mirror and do a peace sign or whatever in an attempt to look cute while showing off their goods. These women use their boobs to get likes, re-tweets, and viewers on twitch and YouTube. In other words… They sexualize themselves for attention, then bitch about the attention they receive.

“Omg… Why do I keep getting perverts on my twitch??” Said a young lady, who I’ll keep anonymous, with a profile pic of her very voluptuous breasts spilling out of a too small tank top… To make sure her boobs where in the pic, she is slightly bent forward and totally misses her entire forehead in the shot.

I do not understand the logic of this? If you do not want to be seen as a sexual object… Then quit acting like a sexual object.

Where did modesty and self respect go? I see a ton of women doing this… Far too many. They use their boobs for attention, then demand respect and to not be treated as a sexual object.

For those that say that people shouldn’t look at boobs as a sexual thing… Then why go to such measures to make sure your cleavage gets into your selfie? Because you like the way that looks? Why do you like it? Because it makes you feel sexy? You have a right to feel and look sexy? Then don’t get pissy when perverts are drooling over your boobs. Quit bitching about people looking at you in a sexual way when it is exactly what you are trying to portray… “Being sexy.”

I just can’t wrap my head around why women act the way they do sometimes. It’s annoying.


One thought on “No Forehead, But Cleavage – The New Trend

  1. I am fine with being seen as a sex object if i give reason for it. Sometimes its nice.
    So I guess im just saying you wont see me bitching if i ever manage a sexy selfie and get comments on it.
    Asking for it thank you very much lol


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