I Love Muslims!

It is sad that that has become such a bold statement nowadays…

“I Love Muslims!”

How dare I love such people! How dare I care for those “terrorists”!! I’m a traitor to my country!!! I’m just as bad as them!


How dare you judge someone based on their religious beliefs. How dare you judge me for loving people regardless of religious beliefs. You are an ignorant or what a “terrorist” actually is. You are ignorant of the Islamic faith.

From what I have seen, the group of people that are the most hateful toward Muslims, are Christians. Shame on you! You are hypocrites! Would Christ mock, shame, and hate on Muslims? Are you not supposed to follow Christ’s example? Where in the Bible does it say that it is ok to hate, mock, and judge someone else for their personal beliefs? Show me I dare you! In the Bible, it says to love everyone and to not judge. It says that judging is God’s job. Jesus sat with the tax collectors and sinners and showed them love and kindness. You sit with others of your own beliefs and sneer, judge, and mock others. HYPOCRITES!

Muslims are not terrorists.

Muslims see terrorists as sinners. They dislike them just as much as anyone else… Possibly more so since it is them that is the reason people wrongly judge them. Terrorists are a group of radicals that follow a twisted version of Islam. They are not true Muslims. True Muslims are a peaceful, passionate people that will give you the shirt off of their own back if you were in need. From my own, personal, experience, they are more welcoming, giving, kind, and caring than most Christians.

The hijab or head scaf.

A lot of modern Muslim women do not wear hijab anymore. A lot do, and a lot do not. I find it funny that people have such an issue with this. There is a similar example of hairdressing done by some branches of Christianity as well…  Take for example the Apostolic Christians who think it is very sinful for a woman to ever cut their hair, and they wear a trademark bun always. When they marry they add a lace-like small covering in front of their buns so that men know they are taken. They view make-up as sinful as well. There is another branch of Christianity, though I cannot recall the name… That requires a full head covering very similar to that of the hijab even! Yet you judge Muslim women for covering their heads? Why not also judge those Christians then? Same thing!

Anyway… I’m going to end this post here. I’m sure I will get judged for loving Muslim people, but I don’t care. If I happen to be wrong about anything above, I will personally apologize and correct myself. Just, please… Let’s stop judging others and worry about our own lives and personal beliefs. Who cares what someone else believes as long as they are happy?


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