Uh Oh…

I guess I created a bit of a stir with my post about loving Muslims. I have decided I will research Islam myself to become more knowledgeable. I have heard things from both sides that are good arguments, but it is still all “he said, she said”. I want to know for myself. I want to find the facts.

Therefore, in between my other daily tasks, I will research and seek the truth of it all. I will then write a new blog post with my findings, but it is going to take me time. If you have any sources you would like to share with me on Islam, please leave them in the comments. I plan on keeping an open mind and taking steps to make sure that I don’t let my own biases get in the way.

I will admit if I was wrong, but I won’t admit I’m wrong if I’m not. I need to educate myself more on this topic before I make any more biased posts about it.

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