Temporary… Life is this as well.

The daily prompt today is “temporary”. The first thing that popped into my mind was “life”.

After recently losing both of my parents just weeks apart from one another… I realized just how temporary our lives really are.

Things are temporary. We buy things and then they break, become out-dated and replaced, we lose interest in them, and when we die they are just junk we left behind.

Memories are temporary. They die with us… We will be remembered by those we loved, but then they will die and with them the memories of us. It may be a bit morbid to think of such things, but it is true. We all fully die, even memories of us, as time goes on. Not all of us are like Plato, Socrates, De Vinci, and other such famous names. But even with them, though memories seem immortal, passed down from generation to generation… They are only memories and remnants of their works, memories of their histories, etc. We don’t have memories of what they were like, their voices, their expressions of joy or sorrow. We remember them as we do any other event in history, not truly as people. In this way, memories are only ever temporary.

People are temporary. They come into your life and go… As you do every day with all the people you interact with.

Everything is temporary… Everything you see around you will someday die and be replaced. Whether a flower, your pet, your loved ones, a stone at the end of your driveway… Our world is a temporary thing in a universe of temporary things.

Life is temporary… You live and then you die.

So live knowing these things, and spend what little time you have with those you love. Don’t get lost in materialism. Cherish every moment, good and bad. You won’t get another chance at that moment after it is gone it will be forever lost.

It is better to be poor and live a rich life than it is to be rich and live a poor life.


via Daily Prompt: Temporary

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