A few may have noticed the changes to my blog, if you haven’t, you’ll probably go and look now out of curiosity… Maybe…

In any case… I changed the overall look, edited my about (I’ll redo it completely soon), and the totally annihilated of all of my posts except a few…

Why change the look?

To be honest, I never really liked the theme I had before… I don’t really love this one either. I haven’t been able to find one that “fits” me yet. So be prepared, it might change again in the near future if I happen upon one I like better.

You edited your “about” page, why?

Because I have changed, my life has changed, a lot has changed. The other reason will be covered below…

Why delete all of your posts??? Are you crazy???

I have learned a valuable lesson. The way the internet is now… It seems like there are 10 or more rotten people to every 1 good person.

The internet has become a cruel place filled with trolls and nasty people hiding behind their monitors, pounding out nasty messages on their keyboards to people they don’t even know. I think by now, everyone that is reading this has had at least a dozen encounters with these types of people. Especially if you are active at all on any social media platform.

The thing is… I am a gamer. A gamer that made a mistake. I liked my ign (in game name) so much, that I use it as my online alias… Everywhere… You can easily find me… Everywhere.

Why is that a bad thing?

Because people that hate me can easily find me. I poured my heart out on this blog. I made myself bare ass naked for all to see. This was another mistake of mine. When you have enemies, do not hand them a gun… In other words… Do not feed them information that they can use against you.

On that note… Never feed anyone enough information that they can hurt you. A friend today can become an enemy tomorrow. I have a thick hide… Things said to me have not affected me, but that doesn’t mean someone won’t ever be able to hurt me with the information I had on here. It all was too close to my heart. I don’t want anyone knowing all of my business regardless. In this aspect, I have changed. I no longer want to share my heart with the world, but it is for good reasons. I hope you can understand.

Something else that changed my mind about what I do and do not share is the fact that I have been accused of seeking attention with my disabilities and mishaps in life. Which has never been a goal of mine and never will be. One thing I am not is an attention whore. (Yes, I was called this because of my blog.)

So… What will you share now?

Moving forward I will still write about autism and how it affects people, gaming, sharing neat things I find, and short stories/dark poetry that I write. I might even share some of my photography. Basically… I will write/post whatever I want, being careful not to overshare as I’ve done in the past.

I want people to enjoy my blog and maybe learn something. I want to network with like-minded people. I don’t want people to be able to use it against me, nor think that I am using it just to seek pity and attention.

Never pity me. I am strong and I will always survive whatever comes my way.